Green Products

Moden Draper Inc. is on the forefront of promoting an alternative solution to the traditional style of window coverings by providing innovative products that are sustainably-made and environmentally-friendly, as well as resilient in their design and opulence.

Although many may not associate draperies and shades with promoting environmental awareness, the shades MDI offers are completely renewable and cause less carbon emissions than previous shade styles.

By offering Green Solution products that are LEED certified, MDI supports architects and building owners reach their Green Credits goals. Through utilizing our Green Products, clients have earned significant tax incentives, decreased heating and air conditioning costs, and higher occupancy rates due to their conservation efforts.

MDI believes that Going Green is a global effort, and that every little bit helps in the world today. By providing our clients with products that are not only eco-friendly, but also cost-effective, MDI is committed to making a difference, one building at a time.