About Us

30 years ago, our principal, Thomas (Tom) Clark, transformed a Union Square dry cleaning business into Modern Drapery Inc. That spirit of ingenuity and dedication to constantly progress has propelled MDI to become one of the leading Hotel Renovation Firms in San Francisco.

To this day, MDI continues to embrace Tom’s inventiveness and drive, most notably through our commitment to provide the latest technology in sustainable window treatments, eco-friendly materials, and solar shading solutions.


MDI has also expanded its expertise in creating elegant interiors beyond hotels. Our skilled and talented design team can construct a dynamic and striking ambience for your restaurant entry and dining rooms, as well as transform hospital interiors into soothing, comfortable domains.

MDI’s cutting edge in-house workroom enables our designers and architects to maintain a higher level of quality control, as well as ensure each client’s specifications are met at every step during the creation of their project.